(Mini English Class🌎Ep.1)Welcome to Kailua Beach in Hawaii!

(Mini English Class🌎Ep.2)"What's your favorite sport? "

0:01 / 2:17Let's Learn Shapes!

(Mini English Class🌎 Ep.3)Let's make Coconut pudding in English!

Let's Learn 5 Colors! (Pt.1)

(Mini English Class🌎Ep.4)Let's go grocery shopping!

Let's Learn 5 Colors! (Pt.2)

(Mini English Class🌎Ep.5)Super Simple Greetings! Pt.1

Let's learn about the weather!

(Mini English Class🌎Ep.6)Super Simple Greetings! Pt.2 (Mini English Class🌎Ep.6)

Let's learn about Greetings!

(Mini English Class🌎Ep.7)Let's talk about the weather! How to describe weather

Let's Learn About Numbers! |Numbers 1 to 10

How are you?

The Pout Pout Fish!|Kids Books Read Aloud

What's your name?

Let's Learn The Alphabet!

What's For Lunch?

Lets Learn 10 Fruits!

Let's Learn 10 Vegetables!

Do you like strawberry pizza? Yes, I do./No, I don't.

Let's Learn 10 Body Parts!

How much do you know about me?😄🌈

Let's Learn About Family Members!

Put on your jacket!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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